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Tax Filing Information

Step-by-Step through the Fowler & Co. Tax Season 

Step1:  Tax Season Kickoff emails:  There are usually 2 messages; One general anouncement and one with personalized instructions for you to follow.

Step 2:  Gather your documentation and use the Organizer to help monitor what you may still be waiting for.  Organize your forms by type (W2, 1099, 1098, K1, etc.).  Request PDF copies from the issuer whenever possible.  This will streamline the uploading process for you.

Step 3:  Complete the Questionnaire.

Step 4:  Once you've received and organized all your documents, it's time to upload your documents to Sharefile.  Hopefully you've received everything in soft-copy form.  However, if you need our assistance scanning paper copies, please contact us and make arrangement to drop of your documents.  Note that this added time adds to the cost of your tax preparation services.

Step 5:  IMPORTANT:  Notify Amy Percell that you've submitted your documents and she will get your returns queued up for preparation.  We will not begin our due diligence until you've notified us that you've submitted all pertinent information and documents

Step 6:  Respond to our questions if/when they arise during the preparation process.

Step 7:  Review/approve your returns. 

Step 7:  We will file your returns and send confirmations of their acceptance  



Tax Season FAQ's

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