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Tax Season FAQ's

Business Return Checklist
Personal Tax Return Checklist
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Q1:  How do I submit my tax information to be queued up for preparation?

A1:  Email Amy Percell to let her know you have uploaded all required documentation to Sharefile


Q2:  How do I know when I've uploaded all required documents for my personal tax return?

A2:  Review the guidance on the Individual Tax Info page of our website.


Q3:  How do I know when I've uploaded all required documents for my personal tax return?

A3:  Review the guidance on the BusinessTax Info page of our website.


Q4:  Extensions:  Is it a bad idea to extened my tax returns?

A4:  NO!  There is no cost and no penalty for filing an extension of time to file.  Indeed, there can be benefits including, more time to ensure you've gathered all your tax documents, more time to wait for incoming forms like 1099s and K1s, more time to fund certain retirement plans and, tax preparers have more time to make sure they are thorough in their due diligence.  Note however, an extension is an extension of time to FILE not time to PAY.  That's why Fowler & Co. will help you estimate your tax liabillity to make an estimated tax payment with your extensions.


Q5:  How do I avoid filing an extension?

A5:  At Fowler & Co, we generally work on client tax filings on a 'First In, First Out" basis.  So, the sooner you can complete the required information & document gathering, upload it to Sharefile and notify Amy, the higher on the list your return will be.  Check out our Deadlines page more information.


Q6:  Does filing an extension for my business delay the completion and filing of the returns?

A6:  NO!  We recommend all business owners file extensions as a matter of course in order to preserve the ability to modify certain elections and provide more time to fund retirement plans.  However, if we have all required documentation, we will complete your returns.  If you have a specific need to file as soon as possible,  please be sure to let us know so that we can accommodate your needs.