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Our Mission

Help business owners and investors succeed by providing intelligent, thoughtful, practical advice with useful, relevant education on tax, business and investment matters.

Core Values

·         Honesty and Integrity – Meet our professional responsibilities in an ethical and fair manner

·         Quality – Provide services of the highest quality to our clients

·         Professionalism and Knowledge ‐ Foster a culture of learning where all team members are continually learning, growing, and expanding their professional competence

·         Dignity and Respect – Treat every individual with dignity and respect

·         Culture – Maintain a professional work environment where our culture promotes the importance of staff development, career advancement, and work-life balance

·         Community – Support the communities in which we live, work and play with our collective human and financial resources

Our Promise to You

·         You will be treated with professionalism, empathy and respect.

·         You have the right to ask questions.

·         You will receive clear, timely responses to your questions.

·         Your phone calls and emails will receive a response within 24 hours.

·         We will invoice your company in a prompt, clear and concise fashion.

·         You have the right to our cooperation if you choose to change to a different firm.

·         You have the right to our undivided attention when we are working on your file.

Client Commitments

To ensure that Fowler & Co., Inc. can provide accurate work and advice on time and within budget, we will rely on you in the following ways:

·         Provide all information requested in an organized manner.

·         Provide timely responses to questions and clarifications requested.

·         Forward copies of all tax agency communications immediately upon receipt.

·         Notify us prior to major purchases or sales of business or investment assets.

·         Treat every member of the Fowler & Co., Inc. team respectfully.