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Please upload your data to our secure portal on Sharefile. Email Amy Percell, CPA, MBA if you have any questions about what information we will need in order to prepare your business tax filings.

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Tax Season FAQ's

Business Tax Information Request:  For all clients with business returns, including those that are reported on your individual tax return (Schedule C, Schedule E or Schedule F), below is a general checklist of items that we will need to complete your income tax filings.  Certain items may not apply to your business. To ensure the accuracy of your returns, we request source documentation to substantiate balance sheet balances at year-end, as well as some other important numbers on the income statement such as interest expense, wages and taxes paid.  Providing these documents enables us to make sure that there are no adjustments necessary and that the numbers on the tax return can be supported. 

 With this in mind, please review your balance sheet and forward all of the following (where applicable).

 1.  A "portable" or “backup” copy of your QuickBooks file (or other equivalent) AFTER you have reconciled all cash accounts, credit card accounts and Lines of Credit.  WE WILL NEED YOUR PASSWORD.  If you do not use QuickBooks, please contact us to discuss the information we will need.  

2.   Source documentation supporting each balance on the year-end balance sheet.   Examples include:

a.      Year-end bank statements for cash, credit cards and loan balances.

b.      Inventory count-sheets that tie out ending inventory and Work-In-Process (WIP).

c.      Closing statements for real property acquisitions.

d.      Amortization schedules for notes payables.

e.      New, retired or revised credit agreements or loans AND year end statements showing outstanding balances as of year-end.  Also, if available, please provide a copy of the amortization schedule provided to you by the lender.

f.       For fixed assets/property purchased during the year; Copy of invoices and any loan docs.

g.      For property newly leased during the year; Copies of all related documentation.

h.      Personal Property Tax reports as filed.

i.       Schedules and documentation related to any changes in the ownership of the business during the year, issuance of stock options or retirement of partners.

3.       Form 1099's received and issued.

4.       Form 1098's received and issued.

5.       Payroll tax reports for Q4 including  Form 940, Form 941, Oregon OQ and, schedules supporting all accrued payroll liability balances at the end of the year.

6.       W2's & W3 filed.

7.       Documentation of owners/officer's compensation and health care costs.

8.       Documentation supporting the business and personal use portions of any and all auto expenses (or mileage reimbursements).

9.       If you offer health care to your employees AND you purchased group health insurance coverage through SHOP or another qualifying exchange, we will need the following information for each employee in order to calculate the potential small employer health insurance credit:

a.      Total hours worked for the year

b.      Total wages paid

c.      Total insurance premiums paid

d.      Total insurance premium reimbursements collected from employees

e.      Plan type (individual or family)


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